History of changes since Version 1998 October 28, late evening.

The version is not altered for minor changes in presentation.

Version 2016 May 09, afternoon.
Transit of Mercury 2016

Version 2014 November 06, evening.
Amateur Radio Modification - a description of how I replaced the green bulbs with white LEDs in my IC-735.

Version 2012 June 06, early afternoon.
Transit of Venus 2012

Version 2012 May 04, morning.
Master Bathroom Renovation

Version 2011 June 23, early afternoon.
The Incredible Donna Shrinking Donna -120 lbs, four more pictures added.

Version 2010 September 25, early evening.
Ian's Photography and Digital Art (external site)

Version 2010 June 01, early evening.
The Incredible Donna Shrinking Donna -120 lbs.

Version 2009 November 22, afternoon.
The Incredible Donna Shrinking Donna -100 lbs.

Version 2009 October 13, early afternoon.
Watch Donna Shrink Donna -90 lbs.

Version 2009 September 21, early afternoon.
Watch Donna Shrink Pictures of Donna as she loses weight.

Version 2008 September 6, very early morning.
MP3 of The Nuthatch added in this page.

Version 2008 May 27, late afternoon.
Darwin's obituary in Cats. He died in September 2007.

Version 2007 September 4, morning.
Bathroom Renovation - The pictures have been on the web site for over two years but the link on the home page is new.

Version 2005 February 9, morning.
Music - starting with a waltz that Ian wrote over thirty years ago.

Version 2004 July 10, morning.
Pictures from our visit to England, including some of the Venus transit.

Version 2004 April 29, afternoon.
Don't get excited, just contact information added, useful for people who don't already talk to us.

Version 2003 December 03, afternoon.
Link to Ian's mp3 files removed because mp3.com has closed.
Four more pictures of the kitchen in its final state were added on 2003 July 11.

Version 2002 September 10, early afternoon.
Pictures of Donna and Ian's Kitchen Renovation added. This page is updated at the end of each day of significant progress.

Version 2001 September 4, evening.
Serial port Programmer for the MC68HC705C8A or MC68HSC705C8A in bootloader mode with source code for gnu/linux.

Version 2001 April 12, afternoon.
Amateur Radio page added starting with a modification for the ICOM IC735.

Version 2001 January 23, early afternoon.
Some of Ian's electronics and software projects added in ijs.

Version 2000 August 11, early afternoon.
Newton's obituary and introducing Ada and Byron in Cats.

Version 2000 January 19, early afternoon.
Link to mp3 site added.

Version 1999 July 27, early morning.
Three pictures added in House.
A picture of light pollution added in Astronomy.

Version 1999 March 15, afternoon.
Two pictures of Newton and Darwin added in Cats
Two autumn pictures added and two from the snow scenes removed in House.

Version 1999 February 5, evening.
Matthew's visit and snow scenes added in House.

Version 1998 December 1, evening.
Caricatures added.

Version 1998 November 19, evening.
Image of Korky added in Cats
Astronomy section added.

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